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Online Dating

What the hell? there is no such thing as unsuitable content in this blog. even the other anime blogs with more obscene content got a G. oh well. at least it’s not G, cuz that’s boring.

67% Geek

hmm… no comment.

$6200.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth. From Mingle2 – Free Online Dating
another body worth test. my worth is less this time around.

Mingle2 – Free Online Dating43

haha. lol. XDD

A Post from the Library lololol

I’m currently in the library, using my account. I decided that I might as well post something to make my stay here worthwhile. It’s STR time, and I’m in the library to, so what i’m doing is actually something illegal.

Currently chatting with Felize on Y!M web version. we’re that bored.

Anyway, I’m still looking for topics in STR. And I can’t think of anything. Help!!!


Guess what? I won a necklace in an electronic draw!

I participated in the Naruto War Room Forum event at the HTVF, and i won a necklace! This is uber rare. I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING IN A DRAW! and i’m usually unlucky with this type of things. hehe.


since i feel guilty for all the hits i got from people who are searching for Kentai Life Returns! lyrics, i’ve decided to put up a (not so) mini lyrics page. The lyrics for Kentai Life Returns! and other anime songs are found there.




Minami Takayama


is totally in







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