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Code Geass 24 & 25

We finished watching Geass 24 & 25 yesterday. It was wicked and the ending (?) is superb. I didn’t expect it to end that way. The cliffhanger at the end was a killer too. There were so many questions that bugged me qhen I saw 23, and I thought I’ll get at least some of them answered. However, I was wrong. More questions built up in my head as I was watching the final 2 episode of COde Geass season 1. In fact, it took me quite a while to calm down, and now I’m writing this post in the library. Im not going to be able to post for nearly a week.

Some spoilers, if you dare:

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Hitomi no Tsubasa – Code Geass Opening for STAGE 24 & 25

Back Coverzz

Hitomi no Tsubasa was released quite recently.

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Code Geass DS Game

Yay! Code Geass is going to the DS! I hope it’s a dating sim of some sort, but i don’t care if it isn’t that way. I’m gonna buy it when it gets an english version, or maybe i’ll buy the jap one. i’ll surely buy one. zettai.

here’s the official page for the DS game, which doesn’t give you any information except for the time you have to wait before the jap. ver. gets released.

Code Geass spoilers!!!

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