Code Geass spoilers!!!

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Here are some confirmed spoilers courtesy of Celiss Galvea of GameFAQs:

– Suzaku knows about Zero’s Geass; V.V. told him. No mention of Zero’s identity so far (Animedia and Hobby Japan)
– Black Knights will take over Ashford Academy (Animedia)
– Nunnally will meet V.V. (FO)
– Nunnally will finally take action after “finding out about things” (FO)
– Sayoko is as strong as Suzaku (Animage)
– There is a hidden meaning behind Nunnally’s phone call (Animage)
– “Nunnally shares the same blood as Lelouch” (Megami Magazine)
– Nunnally may have known all along who killed Marianne (Megami Magazine)
– Suzaku will get into a pinch, but something or someone will save him (Taniguchi)
– Suzaku may end up in a living hell — “Suzaku won’t be able to die even if he wanted to” and “Suzaku’s future may not be a happy one” (Animedia)
– The Live! Geass will be triggered (FO)
– The Geass on Darlton will be triggered (FO)
– There will be a showdown between Cornelia and Zero (FO)


2 Responses to “Code Geass spoilers!!!”

  1. 1 x0x0 June 17, 2007 at 4:30 am

    darn! i shouldn’t have read the first 2 spoilers… good thing i was able to stop at the second spoiler… from that 2 alone, looks like it’s going to be huge!!!

    do you know when the last 2 episode airs?

  2. 2 lelouch June 17, 2007 at 6:40 am

    Code Geass to Premiere Series Finale in July Events
    The Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion website announced the premiere screenings of Stages 24 and 25, the last episodes of the robot war anime before the planned sequel. They will show once in Osaka on July 21 and twice in Tokyo the following day.

    maybe around August. no formal announcements were made as of late…

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