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Guess what? I won a necklace in an electronic draw!

I participated in the Naruto War Room Forum event at the HTVF, and i won a necklace! This is uber rare. I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING IN A DRAW! and i’m usually unlucky with this type of things. hehe.

Code Geass DS Game

Yay! Code Geass is going to the DS! I hope it’s a dating sim of some sort, but i don’t care if it isn’t that way. I’m gonna buy it when it gets an english version, or maybe i’ll buy the jap one. i’ll surely buy one. zettai.

here’s the official page for the DS game, which doesn’t give you any information except for the time you have to wait before the jap. ver. gets released.

Lucky☆Star Lucky☆Star Satsujin Jiken

A light novel adaptation of Kagami Yoshimizu’s 4-panel manga Lucky☆Star has been announced to be released on September 1st under Kadokawa’s light novel label Sneaker Bunko. The light novel will be titled Lucky☆Star Lucky☆Star Satsujin Jiken (Lucky☆Star Lucky☆Star Murder Case) (らき☆すた らき☆すた殺人事件), and it will be authored by Touka Takei.

Source:Lucky☆Star Official Anime Site

WTH?!? For some reason, the title reminded me of Meitantei Conan. Well, Kona-chan watches Meitantei Conan after all, so it’s not really surprising that the title is that way. I just have a feeling that it’s not going to be serious.

Code Geass spoilers!!!

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since i feel guilty for all the hits i got from people who are searching for Kentai Life Returns! lyrics, i’ve decided to put up a (not so) mini lyrics page. The lyrics for Kentai Life Returns! and other anime songs are found there.


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