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just watched the first episode of bleach in tagalog. i’m seriously going insane.

the voices suck. i swear. worst dubbed anime. ever. ever. ever. EVER. it’s even worse than the Hikaru no Go dub. if you compare the two, Hikaru no Go appears to be a masterpiece. Rukia’s voice is too high, and they dubbed scenes where she isn’t even making a sound. Isshin’s voice is too far off, and Karin was supposed to sound like Al.

The translation is very horrible. As in very HORRIBLE. T-T. Rukia was supposed to say “It’s near,” yet, they translated it as “Wala dito.” I mean, how stupid is that? And they referred to Soul Society as “Langit.” They make it appear that Rukia was looking for comrades and that Hollows are very smart evil plotters or something. Rukia was talking about smoke signs that didn’t even exist in the anime. They haven’t even mentioned Soul Society and the zanpakutou, heck, they didn’t even mention the binding technique and that Rukia is at least 10 times as old as Ichigo.

The translation is too horrible that I cried halfway through. Damn you, GMA. Even if i’m no BLEACH fan, it really pisses me off.


Bokurano ep. 1



Shayne and I watched Bokurano yesterday on a whim, and partly because of Minagawa Junko, who voices Ushiro Jun, one of the main characters. The series is animated by GONZO and the pilot episode was aired last April 8.

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wow. 2nd post in a single day. that’s weird.

i took the upgraded otaku-ness test.

here are my results:

Your final score is 116 out of a possible 250.
That makes you 46.40% Otaku Corrupt.


You are ranked at: 2508 lbs of pure, unadulterated Totoro.


You are best described as:
A Shameful otaku.


this is not true. i’m shameless. the people who made the test are Eva freaks, and I haven’t even watched Eva.


check this out:

top 10 anime characters accdg. to animage

haha. so lelouch really is number one. he beat kira again, and the margin is HUGE. hehe. hehehe. wah. i’m getting insane, so never mind.


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