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Sarah, Amag, and Ingrid played basketball. Well, not really Sarah since she wasn’t able to play. Jazzy went in instead of Sarah. We lost our first Girl’s basketball game. Same thing with the second basketball game later that day. T-T

We played soccer against white. I think we lost a goal against the girls but the guys managed to score, so this was a draw. THIS IS THE MOST BORING SOCCER GAME EVER. EVER. And i’m telling, you from the PoV of a midfielder. Hey, at least we didn’t lose. And there’s this really annoying first year (whom i will refer to as X)who’s trying to boss us around. I know she’s pretty good, but hey, soccer ain’t an individual sport. If you’re telling us what to do, at least pass the ball to us di ba? Stupid, really.

And we had another soccer game later that day. Another draw. We almost lost, but Richard managed to scrape a goal in the last few minutes and managed to save our skins. They put X as a forward and put Jazzy as a defender. In the end, we didn’t even get to go near enough Blue’s goal. She didn’t do her job as a forward. Again.

Jazzy played volleyball. whee~ It was really fun to watch, but before that, everyone was all panicky cuz we may get defaulted cuz there aren’t enough people. It’s because some people signed up and decided to go somewhere else, so we had to cover up for them. But hey, we won, so it’s not bad. Go Ate Ralaine!

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nostalgic. XD

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last day of classes today! i’m feeling nostalgic, so i decided to post this here. we had this activity where everyone writes a message for you on a piece of paper. i was really. fun!

 oh yeah, and the “GO KULTO!”, “Keep the Cult running,” and “Paano ba sumali sa Kulto nyo?” comments were written by the guys. i dunno where they got the idea that our barkada is a cult. maybe because of the fact that i draw random transmutation circles on the tables daily, or because of the weird ritual we did some time ago, where we wished that we’ll have a walkout during english cuz we’re having our impromptu speeches that day. sadly, it didn’t work.


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