Japan’s Top 10 CODE GEASS Characters

1st Place: Lelouch Lamperouge
2nd Place: Kallen Stadtfeld
3rd Place: Kururugi Suzaku
4th Place: C.C.
5th Place: Jeremiah Gottwald
6th Place: Lloyd Asplund
7th Place: Nunnally Lamperouge
8th Place: Shirley Fenette
9th Place: Millay Ashford
10th Place: Euphemia li Britannia

You don’t have to look at this to know that Lulu’s number one.

He’s obviously the top character, cuz he’s the protagonist and he’s the coolest

character in the series.

How come Suzaku beat C.C. into 3rd place? And Cornelia’s not in the list. sad.





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1 Response to “Japan’s Top 10 CODE GEASS Characters”

  1. 1 x0x0 June 7, 2007 at 9:17 am

    how could suzaku be on the 3rd place? i’ve seen more people who despised him

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